Vernetzt (Connected), my second larger project at Filmakademie is an interactive installation based on the Nibelungen myth in cooperation with the Academy of Performing Arts. The project was also recorded in a 360° video shown at Nibelungen Festspiele in the city of Worms as well as Stage@Play and Raumwelten.

I created the generative graphics and handled the projection mapping for this project using OpenFrameworks and OpenGL.

Generative Realtime Graphics Exploration


Concept & Production: Annika Bauer
Concept & Production Design: Johanna Maul<br/ Technical Direction (Graphics/Programming/Projection Mapping): Marcel Ruegenberg
Technical Direction (Tracking): Julian Jungel
Music/Soundesign: Benjamin Grau
Dramaturgy/Directing: Jeffrey Döring
Actors/Performers: Janosch Fries & Ann-Christin Mündner