Some of the work I did during 2018 at MPC Advertising, London.

EasyJet - What a Time to Fly

A dream-like commercial for easyJet. I was responsible for several of the cloud shots, building the whole setup from clouds to shading/lighting/rendering (Houdini + Arnold) as well as the base comp setup (Nuke).

VFX Breakdown


A very different sofa commercial. Collaborating with the Design team at MPC, I created soft growing foam, evolving stitches and quicksilver-like fluid simulations. In addition to the setup/FX, I also shaded, textured and lit the majority of my shots, using Houdini combined with Arnold, Nuke and Mari.

Heineken F1

On this commercial for Heineken, I did the lighting, rendering and precomp of many of the car shots, in several different light situations. With only very limited reference from set (e.g only very few light probes/HDRIs), I utilized extensive projections in Maya/Arnold and built synthetic HDRIs in Nuke to match the shot.

Additionally, I did crafted some smoke and rain simulations in Houdini to enhance the result further.

The full-CG car.